Bronze lawn treatment

Bronze lawn treatment

All Treatments are based on a minimum of 100 sqr mtrs

With our Bronze Service, we offer 3 Treatments Spring Feed, Summer Feed, Autumn Feed. These can be paid for on a pay as you go basis.

  1. First Treatment (March-May)
    This involves spreading our mini granular fertiliser, killing moss and encouraging strong growth, giving your lawn a lush green look for spring.
  2. Second Treatment (June – July)
    A granular fertiliser will be applied to replace the nutrients lost from regular cutting, this will develop a strong and healthy grass sward. A selective weed killer will be in the fertiliser also.
  3. Third Treatment (Sept/October)
    Autumn feed applied. This is a very important feed as it’s at this time of year your lawn may suffer moss over the long winter months.

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