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We offer all types of garden maintenance from fertilisation to grass cutting, tree work and planting. Why not try hiring our services to look after your grounds or garden and see what we can do for you.

We tackle all sizes from small plots to large commercial gardens to private owners and the public sector providing you with a complete and versatile garden maintenance solution at extremely competitive rates. Supplied and expertly fitted.

Lawn Maintenance Contracts

Hi, are you one of these people who love a good looking lawn with lovely dark green lines but you do not have the time to do it yourself? Why not get Greencare to do it for you. We have employees with over 25 years experience in Golf and Household Agronomy. Why not sign up for a Lawn Maintenance Contract? We have one to suit all.

You can choose from the many choices below:

A. Lawn advisory visit for £30. This will give you a written report on your lawn and what it needs.

B. Contract 1 Deluxe comprising off:

  • Lawn moss killed, then 2 weeks later sacrificed in autumn

  • Lawn Hollow Corred in autumn

  • Lawn Top Dressed if required

  • Lawn Fertilised in spring then in summer with weedkiller and then mixed Fertiliser in autumn.

All Other Contracts will be derivatives of the deluxe made up to suit your lawn. We also will give a price for this in our report. We can put you on our “Just Grass Cutting Contracts” for those who do not have the time to cut the grass themselves.

We can also do one of the following treatments:

  1. Hollow Coring

  2. Scarifying

  3. Moss killing

  4. Weed killer application

  5. Fertilising

  6. Drainage

  7. Construct an artificial lawn where nothing else will do

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