We specialise in the paving of driveways, patios and hard standing areas. Monoblocking is a popular and decorative paving technique that is attractive, practical and hard wearing and very easy to keep clean. For more example photos click here.

In order to provide you with a flat and straight long lasting finish, our skilled team can prepare the ground and lay the bricks or slabbing in a fast and efficient manner and leave you with clean and well constructed driveway to suit your specifications.



Monoblocking is considered a bit of an ‘art form’ by those who perform it so dont risk it to an amateur team. Choose Green Care every time.

The Finished Job

Monoblock Renovation


We offer professional cleaning and renovation of monoblock, tegula, concrete and natural stone, driveways and patios. Using high pressure water equipment we thoroughly clean the surface, apply long lasting weed killer, re-sand and seal the driveway or patio surface. You can see the results below: