This May Improve Your Life I Use Them Every DAY

This May Improve Your Life I Use Them Every DAY

Symply minerals

Hi i know this page is nothing to do with landscaping but i just have to tell you about a product i have used for five years its called Fizzy Minerals.

I started using them because i was a Kidney Dialysis patient on my eighth year of dialysis as you may imagine i was struggling i was not a great patient i constantly came in with two much fluid on and this can affect the hearts as fluid i was worried about my health and heart when i seen this video  about fizzy minerals  the story i saw was of the owner being run over with a van 3 times he had nearly every bone broken and was told he would be in pain and limp for the rest of his life not long after he found Fizzy minerals and tried them well to cut a long story short he not only walks he runs and feels no pain,

his story does not end there when he was 55 he had an aneurysm he was taken to hospital well after a few days the surgeon came in and said mr Smith you are a freak of nature to be still alive with a 1 cm aneurysm we can save you but with a 2 cm aneurysm you are gone Mr Smith u had a 9 CM aneurysm so when we had you in surgery we had a look to see what was going on we found that your arteries were completely free from furring or fatty deposits and your heart was in great shape in fact you have the system of a 15 year old BOY  that was the point when i decided to use them unbeknown to me i had cancer at this time so i tried them and after 5 months i was feeling great i no longer needed a ride on golf buggy to get around the course in fact in september i walked the course 4 days in a row before i could get round in the buggy but went home had a bath and went to bed i have a new kidney now and have been in remission from cancer for 2 years so i would not hesitate to recommend Fizzy minerals if your interested get them hear a one of months supply will cost £28 if you go on a longer term it goes down to £23 a month.

Get them Hear there are 4 flavors give them a try i have advised many people over the last few years and they are still on the tablets and say they will never stop they feel that good

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