Silver lawn treatment

Silver lawn treatment

Our ex-Golf Course Manager will be responsible for the improvement and management of your lawns. He will produce a tailor-made yearly treatment programme to sort out any problems on your lawns.

The Silver service includes:

  1. First Treatment (March)
    Putting Iron Down killing moss.
  2. Second Treatment (April)
    A granular fertiliser will be applied to replace the nutrients lost and help recovery from moss killer.
  3. Third Treatment (June)
    Summer granular fertiliser will be applied.
  4. Fourth Treatment (June)
    Selective Weedkiller will be Sprayed onto lawn after fertiliser Applied.
  5. Fifth Treatment (Sept/October)
    Autumn feed This is a very important feed as it’s at this time of year your lawn may suffer moss over the long winter months.

This is a high-quality garden maintenance program and will be beneficial to your lawns no matter the time of year it is started.

It’s also cost-effective …

This program will work out more cost-effective than the bronze program. We will also allow payments to be spread over 12 equal monthly payments as a direct debit  (minimum term is 12 months).

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